Welcome from Your Friends at The Alpha Ag Network, a collection of 44 Alpha Media Radio Stations, featuring 15 Premier Tier One Farm Stations, One State Network, Covering 8 States and over 128 MILLION Farm and Ranch Acres.

If you got in your Pickup Truck 70 Miles SOUTH of Amarillo Texas and drove ALL the way to the North Dakota border, you would never be without an Alpha Ag Network Station! Our Coverage would take you ALL the WAY across, West Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Eastern South Dakota, and Southern Minnesota.

What Makes the Alpha Ag Network Different? Our People! Alpha Ag Network features 12 Local Farm Broadcasters, all committed to our local, area Producers. Alpha Ag Network is Local Farm Programming; Promoting, Respecting and Celebrating the industry that drives our Local Communities, AGRICULTURE!

We understand that Producers of all sizes and operations depend on and get their farm information from OUR Local stations! Daily, Alpha Ag Network delivers Markets…Weather…Agri News… Farm Business Innovation. Covering the things IMPORTANT to Producers. We take your reliance on our information SERIOUSLY…The Alpha Ag. Network…DELIVERS!

Thank you for attending the Alpha Ag Summit, we welcome your participation in the live streamed programs our Farm Directors have put together. A special thanks to our sponsors for bringing you this information Summit.