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The Alpha Ag Network is a collection of 44 Alpha Media Radio Stations, featuring 15 Premier Farm Stations, One State Network, Covering 8 States and over 128 MILLION Farm and Ranch Acres.

★Our Coverage takes you ALL the WAY across, West Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Eastern South Dakota, and Southern Minnesota.

We Don’t Believe in “One Size Fits All”. We Deliver Customized Marketing Plans to Meet Your Goals. Our Job is to Make it Easier for you to connect with Producers in our coverage area.  You decide how deep you want to buy us: by state, by markets, by your dealer locations. 

★Alpha Media’s trusted local Farm Directors provide more than reporting on Markets, Weather & News, they serve the local markets connecting you with Ag Producers.

★ The Alpha Ag Network can provide interviews, features and sponsorships to give your brand a regional reach with that local connection. Ask how to integrate interviews into your campaign!

Alpha Media gives you access to powerful marketing tools: audio, video, digital, targeting, promotions, lead gen combined with Alpha Media’s can-do-attitude. We work with thousands of businesses, of all sizes and in every business category, all across the country.


Live Stream Interviews: 
Alpha Ag Network offers “Live Stream” feature interviews which can air on AAN stations websites and station’s social media pages; Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. This feature are hosted by AAN Farm Directors and are archived on our sites / social and with the link shared with you for use on your websites and social media pages.

This audience-facing video interview allows for a longer format (up to 15 mins) to discuss issue and subject important to producers in the markets you are buying.

These “Live Stream” interviews can be supported by a weekly radio advertising schedule to promote your appearance.


Website & Streaming
Alpha Ag Network’s collection of 15 station websites are the source for news, weather, and sports as well as delivering Ag Reports, Interviews and Video. Digital banner ads on our websites deliver a powerful engagement to support your radio campaign targeting farmers and producers.

Alpha Ag Stations streaming channels offer increased engagement and the ability to target your customer where they prefer to hear it.

Average Pageviews Per Month: 1,573,918

Average Users Per Months: 295,152

Streaming Starts Per Month: 286,940


Alpha AG Network Works for You!

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