Arkansas Signs Major Pact with Israel

Israel, which has recently become a world leader in agricultural technology, signed a major economic pact with Arkansas. 

The two will share their research and technology, especially for agriculture, and that will broaden a trade relationship that’s already worth hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Trade between them last year reached more than $100 million dollars. 

Both sides have also benefited from agricultural and scientific research grants worth more than $400,000 since their partnership started in 2017. 

The Washington Free Beacon says a 2019 review of one agricultural grant between the two sides shows an economic partnership during the past four decades that’s added billions to the U.S. economy. T

Though much of Israel is desert and lacks water, the country has learned to grow some of the highest-yielding agricultural products, including tomatoes and cow’s milk. 

Agriculture is Arkansas’s largest industry, adding approximately $16 billion to the state’s economy every year.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)