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August Tractor Sales Continue Upward Trend For 2021

Tractor and combine sales enjoyed a strong August according to monthly data compiled and released by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.  AEM indicated that total farm tractor sales in August jumped almost 10 percent from the previous year, while combine sales surged higher by almost 20 percent.  This maintains double-digit year-to-date gains, increasing the optimism of manufacturers and farmers, according to Curt Blades, senior vice president for ag services with AEM.

Blades suggests farmers’ optimism in the ag industry may be long-term, as the strongest gains are the more costly four-wheel drive tractors and self-propelled combines.

Four-wheel drive tractor sales were up 40 percent in August and are 39 percent higher year-to-date.  Self-propelled combine sales are up 14 percent from a year ago, while two-wheel drive tractors are up 13 percent.