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Nate Green on Starlight Canyon and Future Plans

David Lovejoy spoke with Nate Green about Starlight canyon, and future plans for a restaurant, and more…

Mike Schouten’s Dairy Report

Tyler Williams reading out the dairy report from Mike Schouten from Mission Dairy in Hereford.

David Gibson on Ethanol

David Lovejoy spoke with David Gibson with Texas Corn Producers about the push for electric vehicles and…

JD Ragland : Drought Stats and Upcoming Events

Our weekly conversation with JD Ragland, our Randall County extension agent. We had a conversation about the…

Soyoil Can Help Keep The Roof On Repair Costs

Soyoil’s use in place of petroleum products continues to expand opportunities for soybean growers.  Missouri Soybeans recently…

Lincoln County, Clarksville Enter Abnormal Dryness

A majority of Lincoln County, as well as areas surrounding Clarksville, entered abnormal dryness in the past…

Farm Real Estate Values Jump Sharply Higher

The Federal Reserve Survey of Agricultural Credit Conditions shows that farmland values rose in the third quarter…

Vietnam Lowers Tariff Rates on US Ag Products

Vietnam announced this month a reduction in its tariff rates on American imports of corn, wheat, and…

Seven Honored At Governor’s Conference on Agriculture

The 49th Governor’s Conference on Agriculture last week recognized seven Missourians for their contributions to the state’s…

USDA Begins Accepting Applications for $1.15 Billion Rural Broadband Loans

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced they have begun accepting applications for up to $1.15 billion…

Nov 22nd – Iowa Crop Report / Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner

Your Fort Dodge · KWMT FARM NEWS For Wednesday November 24th

November 23rd – Iowa Fuel Report

Your Fort Dodge · KWMT FARM NEWS For Nov 25th And 26th – Weekly Fuel Report

Kelvin Leibold – Tuesday November 23rd

Your Fort Dodge · KWMT POWER LUNCH FEATURE -November 23rd

Emily Skor – CEO of Growth Energy – Monday Nov 22nd