Brazil Expecting Large Second-Corn Crop Despite Weather Concerns

Brazil’s second corn crop, called the safrina crop, is predicted to produce 3.4 billion bushels during the 2021-2022 crop season. 

Farmdoc from the University of Illinois says that’s 45 percent higher than the 2.4 billion harvested last year when drought hit Brazil. 

A harvest of 3.4 billion bushels this year would set a record. 

Data from Conab says the country may produce a historic crop even though April and May were drier than normal. The overall harvest of the second-corn crop is less than 10 percent complete. 

This year’s second-corn harvest began in Mato Grosso, the largest corn producer in Brazil, which accounts for almost half of the country’s production. 

Approximately 16 percent of the corn harvest in Mato Grosso is complete as of June 10, and yields are expected to be around 97.5 bushels an acre. 

Parana, the second-largest corn producer, currently has 80 percent of its fields in good condition.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)