Eggs Costing $12 Per Dozen is “Unrealistic”

There’s no question a highly-contagious bird flu outbreak is reducing the size of the U.S. chicken flock and driving up the cost of eggs nationwide. 

Some social media claims say USDA predicts eggs will be $12 per dozen by this fall. 

Jennifer Smith, director of communications for the USDA’s Economic Research Service, says that USDA isn’t predicting eggs will be $12 per dozen later this year. 

Smith points out in USA Today that while the ERS does predict and follow agriculture and food trends, they don’t forecast specific retail egg prices. 

As of June 10, Federal Reserve economic data says the average price of a dozen Grade A large eggs in the U.S. was $2.86, and prices are predicted to dip to $1.70 per dozen in the fourth quarter of 2022. 

The inconsistent supply of eggs is driving up the cost this year, while overall food prices are 9.4 percent higher than 2021.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)