Groups Sue EPA Over Emissions Regulatory Overreach

The American Farm Bureau Federation and the National Corn Growers Association joined the American Petroleum Institute in suing the EPA over its emissions standards for light and medium-duty vehicles for model years 2027-2032. Travis Cushman, deputy general counsel for AFBF, explains what issues the groups have with the rule.

“What this rule would do is by 2032, 68 percent of all cars and light trucks will need to be electric and 43 percent of large pickups and vans would have to be electric. We are arguing that EPA here, they’re not regulating air emissions. They are requiring the country to change how they propel their vehicles, and in doing so, they’ve gone well beyond the scope of the regulatory authority Congress granted them.”

Cushman says this rule would place a large burden on farmers.

“This rule is aiming to artificially and significantly decrease the supply of internal combustion engines in favor of electric vehicles, which thereby forces consumers off of sustainable biofuels and into much more expensive electric vehicles. Rural America lacks proper charging infrastructure. As a result, farmers will steadily lose access to a large market for biofuels, and farm vehicles will become significantly more expensive to purchase.”

He talks about what’s next in the legal process.

“So, we will start briefing the issue. After we brief the issue, the Court will hold oral arguments and then, later on, they’ll issue a decision. Representing us is Paul Clement, the former solicitor general, so he’s a very exciting attorney to work with.”

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Source: AFBF