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Over-The-Counter Antimicrobials Will Require Vet Scrip By June 2023

The calendar may have flipped to 2022, but livestock producers and veterinarians are keeping an eye on June 2023, when an FDA directive concerning antimicrobials will take full effect.  New rules published last June mean that the last few antibiotics and similar drugs approved for use in animals that are currently available over-the-counter will instead require a veterinarian’s prescription.  University of Missouri Extension veterinarian Craig Payne says that will impact several common brands.

Payne notes that while the required notice must appear on the drugs by June of next year, manufacturers may opt to update their labels sooner.

MU Extension veterinarian Craig Payne advises producers to establish a working relationship with a veterinarian before this FDA directive comes into effect.  Click here for FDA’s Guidance For Industry, detailing the updated labeling requirements.