Parson Submits Request For Waiver Allowing Year-Round E-15 Sales

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has become the latest governor to submit a request to the Environmental Protection Agency for year-round sales of fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol.  In his letter to EPA Administrator Michael Regan, Parson wrote that last year’s emergency waiver, “helped extend tight fuel supplies and provided Missouri drivers with lower-priced options at the pump.” However, he says that rather than continuing to rely on emergency waivers, Missouri would instead ask for a waiver from Reid vapor pressure restrictions that prevent the sale of E-15 in the summer months.

Farm groups and biofuel backers extended strong support to Parson’s request.  Missouri Corn Growers Association CEO Bradley Schad said that once granted, the waiver would, “allow retailers across the state to fully utilize infrastructure investments and provide drivers with year-round, economical, cleaner-burning fuel while providing additional markets for a renewable fuel grown and refined here in Missouri.”  Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Geoff Cooper called the request a “simple regulatory solution”  that would allow Missouri drivers to benefit from E-15 throughout the year.

Missouri becomes the tenth state to seek this waiver.  Governors in eight states including four of Missouri’s neighbors requested waivers in April, while Ohio submitted their request in June.