Hog producers nationwide intend to have 2.95 million sows farrowing during the winter, up one percent from a year ago, with another 2.98 million sows likely to farrow during the spring.  That includes 440,000 sows in Missouri over the next six months, down 5000 from last year.  Pig crop for the fall totaled 33.7 million head, down one percent from a year ago, with sows farrowing also down slightly at three million.  Sows had slightly more pigs per litter than a year ago at 11.22.  In Missouri, 10,000 fewer sows farrowed during the fall, but birth rate remained the same at 11.2 pigs per litter, allowing the pig crop to stay about 2.4 million for the quarter.

Missouri’s hog population at the start of December totaled 3.2 million head, down seven percent from a year ago and a drop of 100,000 hogs from September.  About 2.77 million hogs are destined for market.  Nationwide the hog count was down two percent at 73.1 million head.