Free family-focused webinars January through April in 2023

University of Minnesota Extension will present a series of webinars to support families and those who serve families in making informed decisions that lead to greater health,  resilience and well-being. All webinars are virtual and free. Extension offers more information about the webinar series at:

  • Family Friendly Earth Care

Learn more about global health and wellness, including how to eat healthier for the planet, reducing food waste, composting and reducing your family’s carbon footprint. Leave with hands-on activities for all ages that promote wellness through nature. 

Finding balance While life is never certain, the last couple of years have stressed our families and communities. Learn from Extension experts in individual and community well-being about how to find balance and flourish — even during life transitions.

  • Later life decision making

A fact of life is that each of us is getting older each year. In addition to having concerns as we age, many of us are also helping our parents and loved ones as they age as well. This webinar series addresses concerns related to housing, finance, caregiving, health and nutrition.  

  • Making cents of it all 

Learn about educational resources and tools to help families navigate financial choices, including building knowledge and skills around homeownership, credit, budgeting and saving, and changing financial needs across the lifespan. We’ll also share culturally appropriate tools and educational resources to support American Indian and Latino communities.

  • No place like home

Whether you rent or own your home, Extension educators have tips to make your home and community healthier, affordable and energy efficient. Join us to learn from financial educators, the Clean Energy Resource Team and experts in preparedness.  

  • Recovery and health

Learn about the many ways recovery and health go hand in hand. This series will cover topics of healing through history and show how nutrition and physical activity can support those in recovery. Colleagues from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in Duluth will join to discuss community solutions to the opioid crisis, including harm reduction and how to save lives from overdoses. 

  • What’s for dinner?

You make lots of daily decisions and what’s for dinner?; is a question that can get tiring fast. Learn about healthy eating, meal planning, what to do with garden produce, feeding your family on a budget, and African culinary heritage.