A week after the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (MSGA) recognized Rep. Angie Craig (along with her colleague Rep. Brad Finstad) with the inaugural Sprit of MSGA Award, a team of directors hand delivered the plaque to Rep. Craig during a meeting in Dakota County with the congresswoman and her legislative team.

“I can’t believe you drove three and a half hours to see me!” Rep. Craig told MSGA President Bob Worth, who traveled from his home in Lake Benton. “You know I would’ve been (at MN Ag Expo) in person, but we were in session.”

Worth was accompanied by Vice President Darin Johnson, Treasurer Ryan Mackenthun and American Soybean Association Director Jeff Sorenson. Before visiting with Rep. Craig, the MSGA team met with Craig’s legislative assistants Suzie Cavalier and Les Anderson, who both advise the congresswoman on agriculture issues.

“We thank you for all the work you do for all farmers,” Worth told Rep. Craig. “We really do appreciate it.”

Growers met with Cavalier to discuss Farm Bill priorities and concerns about the status of the legislation, which saw a one-year extension last fall. Lawmakers are hopeful for a legislative markup by late spring or early summer. But time is tight: Congress is expected to shift into campaign mode within months, making a compromise even less likely. Still, MSGA and Craig’s team are cautiously optimistic.